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Press Releases

URA offers services to facilitate redevelopment of sites held by Non-governmental Organisations for multiple uses

In response to the 2019 Policy Address announced by the Chief Executive on the initiatives to identify land to increase housing supply, the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) announces today (30 December) that a facilitation scheme (the Scheme) will be launched on 1 January 2021 to facilitate non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to optimise their under-utilised sites. Through redevelopment, the URA will assist the NGOs to maximize the development potential of their existing sites by introducing mixed residential, commercial and community uses, while at the same time modernising the NGO facilities.

The Scheme will be implemented by the Urban Redevelopment Facilitating Services Company Limited (URFS), a URA subsidiary, to provide services to facilitate redevelopment in two stages.  

The first stage is a site identification process in which the URFS will discuss with NGOs on their redevelopment aspirations through NGOs’ expression of interest; and provide initial appraisal on the redevelopment potential of the NGO sites as well as technical issues to be resolved for taking forward the redevelopment.  Government departments would be consulted, as appropriate, before providing recommendations on possible redevelopment option(s) to the NGOs for consideration.

The URA will, in the second stage of the Scheme, offer the necessary facilitating and consultant services on the redevelopment option(s) the NGO has decided to take, with an aim to formulate details of the redevelopment proposal, timeframe and the way forward. 

The URA has prepared implementation details and related information of the Scheme, including an overview, the eligibility and procedures for application, as well as the Express of Interest form, for launch on 1 January 2021 at the URFS website (  Interested NGOs may also call the URFS at 2588 2800 for more information about the Scheme.