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Press Releases

URA Urges Public to Beware of Fraudulent Electronic Messages

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today urges the public to be vigilant about, and cautious of, fraudulent electronic messages purporting to be related to the work of URA.

The URA has become aware that some members of the public have been receiving messages via instant messaging apps from individuals, claiming to have been referred by URA staff to set up a meeting.  The URA wishes to clarify and emphasise that these messages are fake and are in no way related to the Authority.  The URA is taking this matter seriously with appropriate actions being considered.

Following the commencement of redevelopment project, the name and contact number of a dedicated URA case officer will be provided to property owners and tenants either by phone or during visits, so as to answer any queries about the project they might have.  In addition, upon making an acquisition offer, an official letter will be issued to residents or shop owners concerned, in which names and contact information of the dedicated case officer and his/her immediate supervisor assigned to follow up with the owners/residents, will be provided.  Similar processes apply to applications for the building rehabilitation subsidy schemes.  Each applicant will be notified by letter with the names and contact of the dedicated case officer and his/her immediate manager who have been assigned to follow up the application.  Persons with questions about the abovementioned matters can contact the designated URA staff for assistance.

Members of the public who have received similar electronic messages can call the URA Hotline at 2588 2333 and Building Rehabilitation Support Hotline at 3188 1188, or send an email to for inquiries.