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Reaching Out

Inheriting the Legacy with Themed Design at Festive Graham - Giving Out 110,000 Graham-themed Face Masks to Combat COVID-19

h18Bruchi Nam (5th from right), Director (Property & Land) of the URA, attends the closing ceremony together with the participating designers. 

h18Graham Market store operators Mr and Mrs Kwok wearing Graham-themed face masks. 

Sponsored and supported by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA), non-profit organisation 2Gather held the campaign “Festive Graham” to promote the century-old Hong Kong market from December 2020 to January 2021. Featuring six renowned local designers, namely Paul Lam, Eric Chan, Prudence Mak, Gary Tong, Gideon Lai and Clement Yick, over 2,000 design premiums inspired by Graham Market and over 110,000 face masks were made and shared with the public. The flavour of the fresh market culture is carried forward through art and design, while the campaign has created new business opportunities for market operators during the pandemic.

h18Graham-themed Furoshiki 

h18Premiums with Graham-themed design

Bruchi Nam, Director (Property & Land) of the URA, said at the closing ceremony of the campaign, “I believe this is not an end but a beginning and continuation of something good.” Wong Hei-wah, Project Coordinator and Secretary-General of 2Gather, also expressed his gratitude for the trust and support of the URA, the participating market operators and the six local designers. He said, “We hope to raise the awareness of residents in the neighbourhood and the general public about the preservation of Graham Market - an open market with over a hundred years of history. We also treat this experience of running the pop-up store as a trial to nurture the local culture.”

Source: Monthly magazine of Graphic Arts Association of HK, Jan and Feb 2021 Issues