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Urban Renewal Social Service Team in Central & Western District

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today signed a service agreement with St James' Settlement (SJS) for the setting up of an urban renewal social service team to provide assistance for residents affected by urban renewal projects in Central & Western District within the next two years.

The team, comprising three registered social workers, will focus on providing practical assistance and personal counselling to residents affected by the URA's recently announced redevelopment project at First Street and Second Street. The project is estimated to involve 430 households with about 1,000 residents.

"Redevelopment of an old residential area will inevitably give rise to various issues such as re-housing and changes in everyday life for the residents affected. We must therefore ensure that appropriate professional service is available to help those in need to make the best use of the opportunity to improve their living conditions," he said.

Principal Manager of the SJS, Mrs. Cynthia Luk, said that the SJS has a proven record of assisting residents affected by urban renewal projects. Building on this experience, SJS would strive to provide the best service to the residents, in particular the elderly who were often much more in need of assistance.

The urban renewal social service team will operate independently while keeping in close contact with the frontline staff of the URA.

The URA has invited submissions from 25 non-government organisations which expressed an interest in operating an urban renewal social service team in Central and Western District. The appointment of the SJS was approved by the Community Affairs and Public Relations Committee of the URA Board after careful deliberation.