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Findings of HKU survey on Kwun Tong Town Centre Redevelopment Project : URA's response

In response to media inquiries about the release today (Wednesday) of a public consultation report by a research team of the University of Hong Kong on Urban Renewal Authority's intended redevelopment of the Kwun Tong Town Centre, a spokesperson of the Authority makes the following statement:

"The two-month consultation exercise was a success.  Throughout this period, we received numerous positive and constructive comments from different people and organizations of the entire Kwun Tong community.  This was in line with our 'full community participation' approach.

The research team of the University of Hong Kong considers the views collected quite comprehensive in nature.  Residents are generally aware of the urgency of the project, many in support of comprehensive redevelopment of the town centre.  The findings indicate, inter alia, that the three architectural models have all gained majority support in terms of the direction of urban design. None of the proposals is deemed perfect, however.  Indeed, all could be improved on, as revealed from the survey findings.  For example, usage of public open space, pedestrian connectivity with neighbouring areas, and air quality at the new public transport interchange are issues warranting careful consideration at the detailed planning stage in order for us to meet the community's aspirations."

The URA spokesperson emphasized that publication of the consultation report in no way signifies the conclusion of the Authority's community engagement efforts.  Indeed, the Authority will continue in earnest to maintain dialogues with residents, the Kwun Tong District Council and professional institutes on various planning issues leading to implementation of the project.

"We fully understand that the affected residents and the community at large would like us to proceed with the project as soon as possible.  In this connection, we have already appointed an architectural consultant to come up with a fourth and final proposal.  In so doing, he will have regard to the merits of the three designs on display earlier and the public comments we have received."

"We will work very hard to bring the project to fruition.  With the enthusiastic support of the community, our target is to make a statutory submission to the Town Planning Board before the end of March next year."