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Artist's impression of Macpherson Indoor Stadium redevelopment project

Tender closes for Macpherson Indoor Stadium redevelopment project in Mong Kok

In response to media enquiries on the tender submissions for the joint development of the Macpherson Indoor Stadium in Mong Kok, the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) and the Hong Kong Playground Association (HKPA) today (Friday) made the following statement:

A total of 3 tender offers have been received for the joint venture development of the Macpherson Indoor Stadium in Mong Kok.

A tender review panel will consider the tenders and make recommendation to the URA Board for a decision in due course.

Among the developers who earlier took part in an expression of interest exercise for the project, 15 were invited to submit a tender.

The project covers a site area of about 26,000 square feet. Upon completion, the project will deliver a new and modern indoor stadium and a youth centre, in addition to about 206,000 square feet of residential and commercial floor area.

The Executive Director of HKPA, Mr Edward Leung, said : "Since the existing stadium was built 50 years ago without any major renovation or upgrading since then, the project will benefit the local and nearby community with a much-needed modern, multi-purpose sports facility."

Not only serving as a venue of international standard for sporting competitions, the four-storey indoor stadium, equipped with first-class acoustic facilities, can also be used for staging a variety of musical and cultural performances including Cantonese operas, Mr Leung added.

The URA has commissioned an environmental consultant to carry out an air ventilation assessment of the Macpherson Indoor Stadium project and to advise on the impact of project design on the wind environment in accordance with the Government's guidelines on air ventilation.

"The findings of the assessment indicates that the demolition of the current youth centre building for a public open space at the southern end of the project will help improve air ventilation," a spokesman for the URA said.

"Between the future indoor stadium complex and the residential development, a podium garden is proposed which will help channeling air movement.   The roofline of the indoor stadium is proposed to be streamlined to further facilitate air flow.  The air ventilation condition in the surrounding areas will not deteriorate while conditions at the boundary of the site will improve upon completion of the project," he added.