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Director (Acquisition and Clearance) of the URA, Mr Ian Wong (left), and Director (Planning and Design) of the URA, Mr Michael Ma (right), at the media briefing of Chun Tin Street/Sung Chi Street Project.
Existing view of Chun Tin Street/Sung Chi Street Project
Existing view of Chun Tin Street/Sung Chi Street Project
Site plan of Chun Tin Street/Sung Chi Street Project
Site plan of Chun Tin Street/Sung Chi Street Project
Site plan of Chun Tin Street/Sung Chi Street Project
Site plan of Chun Tin Street/Sung Chi Street Project

URA commences 9th redevelopment project in Kowloon City

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (Friday) commenced the planning procedure of a Development Project at Chun Tin Street/Sung Chi Street in Kowloon City, commencing the eighth redevelopment project initiated by the Authority in addition to a demand-led redevelopment project now under way in the district.

At a media briefing to outline details of the project, Director (Acquisition and Clearance) of the URA, Mr Ian Wong, said the problem of urban decay was serious in Kowloon City and the URA is committed to enhancing the living conditions in the district through continuous efforts in redevelopment and rehabilitation. There are about 2,300 residential and composite buildings aged 50 or more in Kowloon City District.

"The projects commenced by the URA in  Kowloon City altogether have been helping some 2,400 residents to improve their living environment while owners of about 19,000 flats in more than 570 residential blocks in the district have benefitted from the Authority's building rehabilitation efforts," said Mr Wong.

In accordance with Section 23 of the Urban Renewal Authority Ordinance (URAO), an URA notice announcing the commencement of the redevelopment project is published in the Gazette today.

The project occupies a site at Nos. 2 - 24 Chun Tin Street (even number) and Nos. 2 - 4 Hok Yuen Street (even number) in Kowloon City, covering a gross site area of about 1,226 square metres. Built between 1955 and 1957, the 14 street numbers of buildings with four to six storeys in height are generally in varied condition with subdivided units. Unauthorised building works are found on the roof tops and back yards. The living condition is considered unsatisfactory.
The project affects a total of 70 property interests. It is estimated that there are about 116 households and 15 ground floor shop operators. The actual number will have to be confirmed in a freezing survey conducted by the URA today.

Also speaking at the media briefing today, Director (Planning and Design), Mr Michael Ma, said the URA's initial proposal is to redevelop the site to provide about 6,690 square metres of residential floor area for about 150 flats (mainly small to medium sizes), including some units of lower levels to be reserved for flat-for-flat option. Some 1,338 square metres of commercial/retail floor area will also be included in the new development. The project is tentatively scheduled for completion by 2023/2024.

As from today, a two-month publication period will begin under Section 23 of the URAO. Within the period, a site plan delineating the boundary of the project plus a general description will be put on display for public inspection at:

• the URA Headquarters (26/F, COSCO Tower, 183 Queen's Road Central, Central);
• the URA's Ma Tau Wai Neighbourhood Centre (Shop A, G/F, Maid Shine Court, 426-430 Ma Tau Wai Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon); and
• the Public Enquiry Service Centre of the Kowloon City District Office (LG/F, Kowloon City Government Offices, 42 Bailey Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon)

In accordance with the Urban Renewal Strategy, the URA will make the Stage One Social Impact Assessment (SIA) report available for public information at the above venues from 16 January 2015. The Stage Two SIA report will be made available for public information at the above locations from 5 March 2015.

Should there be any written objections to this project received during the two-month publication period, the URA will consider the objections carefully. The Authority will submit its deliberation on the objections, the unwithdrawn objections, and an assessment of the likely effect of the implementation of the project to the Secretary for Development for consideration.

Under Section 24 of the URAO, the Secretary for Development shall then consider the development project and any objections which are not withdrawn and determine whether to authorise, amend or decline to authorise the development project.

If approval is eventually granted by the Secretary for Development, the URA will proceed with acquisition of the properties and rehousing for the tenants in accordance with the prevailing acquisition and rehousing policies.

The total development cost for the project, calculated at current prices, is estimated to reach some $1200 million.

Mr Wong noted that about 50 URA staff members have been deployed to conduct the freezing survey to ascertain the actual number of households and the occupancy status of the project. The URA will arrange briefing sessions shortly next week to explain to the affected owners and tenants the planning approval procedure and the acquisition and compensation arrangements.

An urban renewal social service team staffed by professional social workers of Christian Family Service Centre, which has been appointed by Urban Renewal Fund, will be on site to render assistance. The contact number of the social service team is 2110 5865. Affected residents can also visit the URA's Ma Tau Wai Neighbourhood Centre in person; or call the URA's Hotline at 2588 2333 for enquiries. Members of the public can also visit the URA Website at for project information.