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Reaching Out

Expanded Volunteer Team to Further Spread Love to Community


Comprising members of tertiary institutions and social service organisations, the Community Service Partnership Scheme (CSPS) has expanded its volunteer team this year by inviting families and friends of the URA staff, as well as members of the beneficiary families, to serve the community together. From September to October, the CSPS volunteer team has travelled through Kwun Tong and the Central and Western districts to serve the people in need.

Celebrating the full moon festival with underprivileged families in the Central and Western District

For the first time some members of the beneficiary families who are receiving services under the 8-month partnership programme jointly organised by the URA and the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association (HKYWCA), have joined the volunteers’ visit to the Hong Kong PHAB Association during the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays. By visiting the disabled people and making “snowy mooncakes” together, the participating families hoped to instill positive values in their children through taking part in social services.


Unleashing creativity through STEM activities

In view of the recent trend of STEM education, the CSPS volunteer team and students from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology co-organised a series of STEM related activities for the disadvantaged children in Kwun Tong. During the two-day event, the URA volunteers taught the participating children to conduct intriguing experiments using eco-friendly material such as unbreakable bubble, liquefied rainbow balloon and DIY Kaleidoscope, in the hope that they could learn more about science and unleash their creativity.