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Caring the underprivileged

Lacking of affordable housing is a key issue affecting the state of poverty, while grassroots households not living in public rental housing have no choice but to reside in appalling flats or sub-divided units and cubicles. The URA therefore has continued to offer some renovated flats in the acquired properties to NGOs and Social Enterprises for their short-term tenancies arrangement at below-market rent for the needs. Additionally, with the support from Transport and Housing Bureau, the URA has worked on Community Housing Movement with Hong Kong Council for Social Services (HKCSS) to provide temporary housing for needy families and individuals.

Tailor-make furniture for families in need

Community Affairs

We commit ourselves to community works while we reach out to our community through a wide variety of caring initiatives in collaboration with our partners. Through our programmes in youth education, volunteer services and community arts and culture programmes to engage community across urban renewal districts for social harmony and caring.

Interactive games at UREC that help to inspire students to understand the URA's works.

Urban Space for Health and Happiness

As the catalyst for the development of a sustainable built environment, over the years, we endeavoured to include open space and easily accessible community/ institutional areas in our prime projects, including residential care homes for the elderly, youth centres, health centres, markets, cooked food centres and an indoor stadium.

Enrich the living quality of residents in old districts

Up to July 2018, the URA provides:

Public Open Space 27,000m2
Government, Institution and Community (GIC) Facilities 54,000m2