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Attendance Records

29 AUG 2002


  • Dr Lau Wah-sum, OBE, GBS, LLD, JP
  • Mr Billy Lam, SBS, JP
  • Mr Andy Lee
  • Mr Andrew Lam
  • The Honourable Chan Kam-lam, SBS, JP
  • Mr Barry Cheung Chun-yuen, GBS, JP
  • Mr Michael Lai Kam-cheung, JP
  • Mrs Peggy Lam Pei Yu-dja, GBS, SBS, OBE, JP
  • The Honourable Ambrose Lau Hon-chuen, JP
  • The Honourable Lau Ping-cheung
  • The Honourable Fred Li Wah-ming, JP
  • Professor David Lung Ping-yee, SBS, JP
  • Miss Maria Tam Wai-chu, GBS, LLD, JP
  • Mr Peter Dicky Yip, MBE, BBS, JP
  • Director of Planning (representative)
  • Director of Lands (representative)
  • Director of Buildings


  • Professor Cecilia Chan Lai-wan, JP
  • Director of Home Affairs