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Four tender proposals received in preliminary counting for Development Areas 2 & 3 of Kwun Tong Town Centre Project

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (Tuesday) announced that four tender proposals have been received for the development of Kwun Tong Town Centre Project (Development Areas 2 & 3), according to preliminary counting.

A tender review panel will consider the tenders received and make recommendation to the URA Board for a decision on the award of a development agreement in respect of this project.

Earlier, the URA invited 10 property developers to submit a tender for the development after they had put forward their expressions of interest.

The project is the largest redevelopment initiative ever undertaken by the URA since establishment. With a total area of about 5.35 hectares, the project is divided into five Development Areas and is implemented in phases. Development Areas 2 and 3 that are being put up for tender occupy a site of about 21,754 square metres. 

The new development is set to provide a total residential gross floor area of 138,980 square metres containing about 1,700 residential units, together with a total non-domestic gross floor area of about 33,220 square metres for retail shops, a two-level public transport interchange for franchised buses and public light buses, a hawker bazaar and a refuse collection point. In addition, a public open space
of about 6,400 square metres will be provided.