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URA Community Space

Through adopting different urban regeneration strategies, namely redevelopment, rehabilitation, preservation and revitalisation, the URA is committed to undertaking place-making initiatives in its projects to transform places into community spaces featuring local characteristics that can be shared and enjoyed by the public.




Occupying about 2,660 square metres of the ground floor of The Center, H6 CONET is among the first batch of the URA’s place-making initiatives to reinvent spaces for common use. The name of ‘CONET’ stands for ‘C’ommunity, ‘O’pen space and ‘N’etwork, and the community spaces are intended to be ‘places connecting the community and places for the community’.

Following a major facelift and renovation of the original government, institutional and community facilities, H6 CONET was opened in October 2017 providing venues for community events, exhibitions and performances. The district’s local characteristics are highlighted through the many cultural and historical elements incorporated in its interior design. In addition to indoor greening and leisure seating area, free Wi-Fi network is also available at H6 CONET. The new layout plan further enhances its connectivity with six adjoining streets, namely Tit Hong Lane, Hing Lung Street, Tung Man Street, Wing On Street, Gilman Street and Gilman's Bazaar, making H6 CONET more easily accessible by the public.

H6 CONET also provides office spaces for social services organisations, alongside other multi-function rooms which are open for reservation by community groups.  The community space also houses the Urban Renewal Exploration Centre - the URA’s exhibition and resources centre where visitors can explore the work of urban renewal through participating in docent activities and other interactive learning experiences.

7 Mallory Street



Renamed as “7 Mallory Street”, the preservation cum revitalisation project at Mallory Street/Burrows Street in Wan Chai has become a cultural and creative space for many arts, cultural and community events to take place since its opening in July 2013. Starting 1 August 2018, the URA takes up the operation and management of the venue, and will continue to run the place, according to the recommendations from the business plan study conducted in 2009, to promote arts, cultural and creative industries. 7 Mallory Street provides venues including indoor exhibition areas and multi-function rooms for exhibitions, seminars, workshops and community events. The revitalised building cluster also contains a 300-square metre public open space, retail as well as food and beverages facilities/outlets. 


Members of the public are welcome to join a diversity of programmes offered at both H6 CONET and 7 Mallory Street from time to time. There are also event spaces and facilities at both venues available for reservation by eligible organisations and individuals. For more details on programmes or venue facilities,  Please visit for more information.