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Press Releases

URA Board Endorsed Membership of Committees and Appeal Panel

The Board of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (5 June) endorsed the membership of six committees set up to formulate recommendation to the Board on key operational and policy matters relating to urban renewal.

The six committees are:


Chairman(C) / 
Deputy Chairman(DC)

1. Standing

Dr Lau Wah-sum (C) / 
Mr Barry Cheung Chun-yuen (DC)

2. Audit

Mr Dicky Peter Yip (C) / 
Miss Maria Tam Wai-chu (DC)

3. Land, Rehousing and Compensation

Miss Maria Tam Wai-chu (C) / 
Prof. Cecilia Chan Lai-wan (DC)

4. Finance and Administration

Mr Barry Cheung Chun-yuen (C) / 
Mr Stuart Hamilton Leckie (DC)

5. Planning, Development and Conservation

Prof. David Lung Ping-yee (C) / 
The Hon. Lau Ping-cheung (DC)

6. Community Affairs and Public Relations

Mrs Peggy Lam Pei Yu-dja (C) / 
Mr Michael Lai Kam-cheung (DC)

Apart from the six committees, the Board has also endorsed the setting up of an Appeal Panel under the chairmanship of Professor Cecilia Chan to hear and consider appeal cases relating to tenants' rehousing and compensation matters.

Membership of the Committees and Appeal Panel shall also include co-opt members hailing from different sectors of the community.

At today's meeting, the Board also discussed and agreed on the types of interests which members have to declare and register from time to time for public inspection. The interests to be declared include:

  1. proprietorships, partnerships or directorships, shareholdings (either by member or with or on behalf of his/her spouse or infant children) of companies, public or private;
  2. remunerated employments, offices, trades, professions, etc; and
  3. any interest in land or property which is located within Hong Kong, (either by the member or with or on behalf of his/her spouse or infant children); member's own residence in Hong Kong need not be registered unless he/she also derives an income from it.

In addition, should a member be directly or indirectly interested in a contract made by or proposed by the URA, or in any matter brought up for consideration by the Board or its Committees, the member concerned should declare his/her interest. He/she shall not take part in any deliberation of the Board or Committee with respect to that contract or matter and shall not in any event vote on any question concerning it without the permission of the Chairman of the Board or Committee, and in the case of the Chairman of the Board or Committee, the permission of the majority of the members present at the meeting.

The register of declared interests by Board members will be available for public viewing upon request from end of July. Members of the public who wish to inspect the register should contact Mr G.R. Butt, Secretary to the URA Board at 2588-2138 or 2588-2883 to arrange a time and date for the inspection. The register will also be uploaded to the URA web site for public inspection when the site is ready later in the year.

At the invitation of the URA Board, Professor Chang Hsin-kang, Chairman of the Culture and Heritage Commission, presented the Consultation Paper on the Culture and Heritage Commission. Board members were of the view that preservation of culture and heritage was an important aspect of urban renewal.

 5 June 2001