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URA web site becomes more informative and user-friendly

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) has completed a major enhancement to its web site to make it a richer and more user-friendly source of public information, a spokesman for the Authority announced today (Sunday).

The web site has been redesigned and enriched in content, in response to increased public interest in the multi-faceted work of the URA.

An important objective of the web site is to make more people understand that urban renewal is not just about demolition of old buildings to make way for new ones. Rehabilitation of buildings, preservation of historic architecture area, local characteristics, and community neighbourhood are also indispensable tools of urban renewal, the spokesman said.

The enhanced web site now provides a 6-minute video that explains the '4Rs' concept of the URA's long-term strategy - redevelopment, rehabilitation, preservation and revitalisation.

Another new feature is a quick pictorial tour of the URA's multi-media information centre located at the URA's headquarters at Grand Millennium Plaza, Sheung Wan. Bookings for group visits to the centre may be made instantly on the web site.

Also newly added are an image gallery of completed and on-going urban renewal projects, as well as facts and figures about the URA's annual business plan and 5-year corporate plan.

"A practical usage of the web site is, of course, for the public to have quick and convenient access to the compensation policy, procedure and details of redevelopment projects, and to email their requests to us for more information," the spokesman added.

Since its inception in September 2001, the web site has recorded nearly 100,000 visits and a hit rate of 6,200,000.

The URA's web site address is