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Kowloon Development Company Limited wins Macpherson Indoor Stadium redevelopment project

The Hong Kong Playground Association (HKPA) and the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (Friday) announced that a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kowloon Development Company Limited, Wealth Genesis Limited, has won the bid to implement the Macpherson Indoor Stadium redevelopment project in Mong Kok in a public tender exercise.

The project covers a site area of about 26,000 square feet. Upon completion, the project will deliver a new and modern indoor stadium and a youth centre, in addition to about 206,000 square feet of residential and commercial floor area.

Kowloon Development Company Limited is one of the three property developers who submitted tenders.  HKPA and URA agreed that the offer made by Kowloon Development Company Limited met all tender requirements and, at the same time, represented the best benefit to HKPA and URA.

A URA spokesman said: "HKPA and URA are pleased to have the opportunity to implement the project with Kowloon Development Company Limited, which has solid experience in delivering quality development in Hong Kong."