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URA introduces special one-off rehabilitation package for Chun Tin Street/Sung Chi Street development scheme

The Urban Renewal Authority today (Wednesday) announced a special one-off rehabilitation package will be offered to affected owners and tenants of the Chun Tin Street/Sung Chi Street Development Scheme (KC-008(A)), commenced on 6 May 2016, to provide technical and financial assistance to affected owners and tenants to carry out building rehabilitation works to their units and buildings.

The URA introduced this special one-off rehabilitation package after taking careful consideration of the unique circumstances of the KC-008(A) Development Scheme, which covers the same buildings of KC-008 Development Project, which has not yet been authorised by the Secretary of Development and was withdrawn by the URA on 6 May. The Authority has also taken into account the long time involved in getting the Development Scheme Plan of KC-008(A) approved by the Town Planning Board. This one-off special rehabilitation package is in addition to a series of one-off special compensation measures announced earlier, and should not set a precedent for other existing or future projects of the URA.

A spokesman for the URA said this special one-off rehabilitation package would help to relieve the safety concerns of the owners and tenants on the long waiting period during which the condition of their units and buildings would further deteriorate.

Under this special one-off rehabilitation package, the URA would provide technical and financial assistance to owners and tenants of KC-008(A) for the repair of the interior and exterior parts of individual units and the common parts of the buildings to address as far as practicable the structural problems and water leakage problems and any areas of safety concerns. The special one-off rehabilitation package is granted on the application of the owners and Incorporated Owners.

The URA will seek the consent of the owners and the Incorporated Owners to carry out the necessary inspections to identify the scope for the rehabilitation works and to carry out the actual repair works.

The KC-008(A) development scheme occupies a total site area of about 2,475 square metres and covers 14 street numbers of buildings built between 1955 and 1957. These buildings with four to six storeys in height are generally in varied condition with subdivided units. The project affects a total of 70 property interests and there are about 85 households and 15 ground floor shop operators.