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Press Releases

Amendments to the Master Layout Plan of URA’s Kwun Tong Town Centre Project

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) submitted a planning application to the Town Planning Board (TPB) in June 2017 for revising the Master Layout Plan of the Kwun Tong Town Centre Project, in view of a plan to separate Development Areas 4 and 5 of for development in different stages, thus enhancing the accessibility by providing connection between the MTR station and the vicinity of the redevelopment project, upon the completion of Development Area 4. 

During the consultation period of the TPB, the URA received views on the detailed design of the project from the District Council and the community, covering among others, detailed design of the multi-purpose centre cum commercial tower, as well as detailed landscape design of the Yue Man Square garden.  During the period, the URA has also communicated with District Council and different parties to gauge their opinions. 

The URA has now decided to advance the detailed design work in the architecture and landscape of the project, as well as the related technical feasibility assessments, with an aim to integrate elements of public aspirations in the detailed design as far as possible, and to maintain the essence of the design features as contained in the previously approved Master Layout Plan. These design features included the oval-shaped multi-purpose centre cum commercial tower, and the terraced-garden design with water features in the Yue Man Square garden. 

The URA today (Wednesday) has made a request to the TPB for deferment of the deliberation on the URA's planning application submitted in June in view of the time involved in dealing with the detailed design work and consulting District Council on the revised design to meet public expectation.  The URA planned to submit the update information, after obtaining support from the District Council, to the TPB for consideration within December 2017.