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Man On Street / Tai Kok Tsui Road Demand-led Redevelopment Project (DL-12:YTM)

Nos. 8-30 Man On Street (even numbers only) and Nos. 193-199 Tai Kok Tsui Road (odd numbers only), Kowloon
About 1,770sq.m.
Affected buildings
16 street numbers of buildings
Affected population
About 350
Affected property interests
About 101
Affected households
About 168

Project Status

The Project is a Demand-led Redevelopment Project. The project commencement was gazetted on 16 December 2016. The implementation of the Project is subject to the fulfilment of two conditions precedent. One of the two conditions precedent is the acceptance of the Urban Renewal Authority's conditional acquisition offers and the signing of the relevant legally binding sale and purchase agreements, both by the owners of not less than 80% of undivided shares of each lot in the Project within 75 days of the issue of the conditional acquisition offers by the Urban Renewal Authority (the "Condition Precedent").

The Urban Renewal Authority issued the conditional acquisition offers to the owners of the Project on 24th February 2017.  By the expiry date and time of the Condition Precedent i.e. 5:00 pm on 10th May 2017, the owners of the Project have failed to fulfil the Condition Precedent. The Urban Renewal Authority will not proceed further with the Project. 

Notification of cessation of the Project was published on 19 May 2017.

Owners who have signed the sale and purchase agreements were notified of the cessation of the Project and the agreements were cancelled.