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To Kwa Wan Road Demand-led Redevelopment Project (DL-9:KC)

Nos. 68A-70C (even numbers only) To Kwa Wan Road, To Kwa Wan
About 1,224 square meters
Affected buildings
7 street numbers
Affected population
About 387 persons
Affected property interests
About 129
Affected households
About 170
To Kwa Wan Road Demand-led Redevelopment Project
To Kwa Wan Road Demand-led Redevelopment Project

Project Status

Project commencement was gazetted on 11 April 2014. The URA issued conditional acquisition offers to property owners on 25 June 2014. One of the conditions for the conditional acquisition offers is the signing of agreement for sale and purchase by owners of not less than 80% of undivided shares of each lot in the redevelopment site within 75 days of the issue of offer, i.e. on or before 8 September 2014.

Since the 80% threshold could not be attained within the 75-day conditional offer period, the Project is aborted.

Owners who have signed the sale and purchase agreements will be notified of the cessation of the Project and the agreements will be cancelled.

Notification of cessation of the Project was published on 19 September 2014.