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Kwun Tong Town Centre Project (K7) (Park Metropolitan - DA1, Grand Central - DAs 2&3, DAs 4&5 (under review))

53,500 square metres
Existing GFA
96,104 square metres
Affected buildings
Affected population
about 4,763
Affected property interests
about 1,653
Affected households
about 1,401
Grand Central - DAs 2&3
Grand Central - DAs 2&3
Site Plan
Site Plan

Project Development Information

Total GFA DA 1: 27,830 square metres; DAs 2&3: 172,200 square metres; DAs 4&5: 251,100 square metres
G/IC Uses DA 1: Kwun Tong Community Health Centre and Occupational Health Clinic; DAs 2&3: Public Transport Interchange, Refuse Collection Point and Hawker Bazaar; DAs 4&5: Post Office, Kwun Tong District Office, social welfare facilities and other government facilities
Open Space and Communal Space 9,600 square metres (at-grade); 8,000 square meters (multi-levels)

Project Status

Park Metropolitan in Development Area 1 (DA1) was completed in July 2014.

Grand Central in Development Areas 2 and 3 (DAs 2&3) was completed in April 2021.

A number of planning submissions have been submitted by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) to the Town Planning Board (TPB) to enhance the planning and design intentions for DAs 4&5. In September 2023, URA made a submission to the Planning Department to rezone DAs 4&5 from “Comprehensive Development Area” zone to “Other Specified Uses” annotated “Mixed Use” zone. The proposed zoning amendments aims to transform the development of DAs 4&5 from pure commercial development towards mixed-use development, with domestic use introduced to allow greater flexibility in the development mix and maximize the potential of the scarce land resources.  

By adopting the mixed-use development and leveraging the floating planning parameter arrangement, it is envisaged that the proposed development will become the focal point of economic, residential, leisure and entertainment activities at the Kwun Tong Town Centre and a new landmark of Hong Kong’s second Core Business District in East Kowloon.

The TPB has considered the proposed zoning amendments on 17 November 2023. On 8 December 2023, the TPB has published the draft DSP (No. S/K14S/URA1/3) showing the proposed amendments under section 5 of Town Planning Ordinance for public inspection.  On 26 April 2024, the TPB conducted a hearing to consider the representations received on the draft DSP during the public inspection period.

Project Programme

DA1 has been completed in July 2014.

DAs 2&3 including the Public Transport Interchange and hawker bazaar has been completed in April 2021.

DAs 4&5 is tentatively for tender in 2024/2025.