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Kwun Tong Town Centre Project (K7) (Park Metropolitan - DA1, Grand Central - DAs 2&3, DAs 4&5 (under review))

53,500 square metres
Existing GFA
96,104 square metres
Affected buildings
Affected population
about 4,763
Affected property interests
about 1,653
Affected households
about 1,401
Grand Central - DAs 2&3
Grand Central - DAs 2&3
Site Plan
Site Plan

Project Development Information

Total GFA about 401,250 square metres (DAs 4&5 is under review)
Residential Flats about 2,298 (DAs 4&5 is under review)
Commercial GFA about 209,640 square metres (DAs 4&5 is under review)
G/IC GFA about 14,300 square metres (DAs 4&5 is under review)
Open Space ≥9,348 square metres (DAs 4&5 is under review)
Other uses about 16,700 square metres (Public Transport Interchange) (DAs 4&5 is under review)

Project Status

Park Metropolitan in Development Area 1 (DA1) was completed in July 2014.

Grand Central in Development Areas 2 and 3 (DAs 2&3) was completed in April 2021.

A number of planning submissions have been submitted by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) to the Town Planning Board (TPB) to enhance the planning and design intentions for DAs 4&5. The latest planning submission was made in July 2022 to allow different ranges of development for non-domestic uses, which was approved by the TPB in September 2022.

Tender invitation for DAs 4&5 was issued in November 2022. Upon reviewing the tender results, the URA Board decided to reject the tender submission received in February 2023. URA proposed to repackage DAs 4&5 from pure commercial development towards mixed-use development, with domestic use introduced to allow greater flexibility in the development mix and maximize the potential of the scarce land resources.  To further strengthen its area positioning as a “Town Centre”, DAs 4&5 will incorporate the “Vertical City” planning concept. This concept embraces multiple land uses and offer opportunities for urban renewal. It also aims to enhance the flexibility the future development mix of DAs 4&5 while retaining key planning merits and design commitments agreed in the previous planning approvals. 

To take forward of the proposal, the URA made a submission to the Planning Department in September 2023 for zoning amendments of DAs 4&5. The Town Planning Board (TPB) has considered the proposed amendments on 17 November 2023. On 8 December 2023, the TPB has published the draft DSP (No. S/K14S/URA1/3) showing the proposed amendments under section 5 of Town Planning Ordinance for public inspection at the venues specified in the Government Gazette. The draft DSP is available for public inspection for a period of two months from 8 December 2023 to 8 February 2024. Any person may make representation in writing to the TPB no later than 8 February 2024.

URA will continue to consult the Kwun Tong District Council on the project progress.

Project Programme

DA1 has been completed in July 2014.

DAs 2&3 including the Public Transport Interchange and hawker bazaar has been completed in April 2021.

DAs 4&5 is tentatively for tender in 2024/2025.

More Information

The Kwun Tong Town Centre project is one of the redevelopment projects announced by the Land Development Corporation in 1998.  Occupying a site area of more than 500,000 square feet, this multi-billion-dollar project will be the largest single project undertaken by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) affecting about 1,653 property interests and about 3,139 people. The URA commenced the statutory town planning approval process for the project in March 2007.

Because of the large scale and complexity of the project, the URA will work closely with the local community to ensure that the views of all important stakeholders are fully taken into consideration in the project planning process.

The Master Layout Plan of Yuet Wah Street site prepared by the URA was approved with conditions by Town Planning Board (TPB) on 19 December 2008.   The Master Layout Plan of the Main Site (DAs 2, 3, 4&5) was approved with conditions by the TPB on 18 December 2015.

DAs 4&5 is currently under review.