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Tsuen Wan Town Centre Project (Vision City)

20,300 square metres
Existing GFA
56,851 square metres
Affected buildings
Affected population
Tsuen Wan Town Centre Project (Vision City)
Tsuen Wan Town Centre Project (Vision City)
Tsuen Wan Town Centre Project (Vision City)
Tsuen Wan Town Centre Project (Vision City)
Tsuen Wan Town Centre Project (Vision City)
Tsuen Wan Town Centre Project (Vision City)

Project Development Information

Total GFA 134,185 square metres
Residential Flats 1,466
Commercial GFA 23,221 square metres
G/IC GFA 3,080 square metres
Open Space 3,700 square metres

More Information


New Iconic Landmark

Citywalk, jointly developed by Sino Land and Urban Renewal Authority, is a shopping mall with innovative architectural concepts in Tsuen Wan. With its opening in Year 2008, the project integrates people, technology, art and nature with innovative ideas. The first phase of Citywalk comprises a 40,000 sq ft "Citywalk Piazza", together with the 8,000 sq ft Vertical Garden, increases the green space of the external areas to over 30 percent. As one of the major Green Shopping Malls in Hong Kong, Citywalk was awarded Platinum by the Hong Kong Building Environment Assessment Method Society (HK-BEAM Society) for its 11 distinctive green features and designs.

Taking forward the Smart City initiative, the Urban Renewal Authority had been developing a mobile application earlier in 2018, taking Citywalk and 6 other major car parks in the pilot area, Tsuen Wan South, to provide more convenience to drivers for journey planning. With technical support and assistance by the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, as well as enthusiastic participation and collaboration from developers and car park operators in the area, TW Smart Parking mobile application, a shared platform utilising data from car park control and management systems, was successfully launched in early July in the same year and is available for free download from App Store and Google Play Store.

Through the user interface of the mobile application, users can access real-time information on available parking spaces, parking rates of Citywalk and 6 other designated car parks in Tsuen Wan South. With one-touch navigation powered by Google Maps and GPS, users can get the best route and directions to the nearest available car park. By using the mobile application, the Authority hopes to promote Smart Mobility initiative to city dwellers, which, for instance, can save their time from searching for vacant parking spaces in order to enjoy more relaxing shopping experience. Besides, it can reduce waiting queue outside the participating of car parks which may cause traffic congestion. In addition, drivers no longer have to circulate on the roads to look for on-street parking spaces; thus, it can save energy and reduce vehicle emissions, improving roadside air quality.

The Authority has always been supportive to the government’s policy on building a smarter and more livable city through innovative technology. The Authority would continue to put in efforts to improve not only road user experience, but also the quality of life of citizens through innovative technology with the aim to building Hong Kong into a Smart City.