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Sai Yee Street Project (Skypark)

Sai Yee Street/ Fa Yuen Street/ Nelson Street, Mongkok
2,478 square meters
Affected buildings
25 street numbers of buildings
Affected population
About 431
Affected property interests
Sai Yee Street Project (Skypark)
Sai Yee Street Project (Skypark)

Project Development Information

Total GFA 22,301 square meters
Residential Flats 439
Commercial GFA 4,955 square meters

Project Status

Project announced in December 2007.

Project completed in 2017.

Local Character

"At the time of URA's announcement of the commencement of the project, there were about 38 retail shops in the project area and 19 of them were sports shops. The URA offered a Local Sports Shop Arrangement (LSSA) for the operators of sports shops who wish to opt for a priority arrangement in renting shop premises to continue the business in the future development in lieu of monetary business allowance.

Sports Themed Retails Cluster

Apart from allowing adequate sports related retails, it is intended to integrate a sports theme in the future retail portion, which will blend in with then-completed adjoining Macpherson Stadium Redevelopment for synergy.

Design for Pedestrians and Shoppers

The design has introduced a breezeway connecting Fa Yuen Street and Sai Yee Street, as well as with pavement and corner setback from Nelson Street, both can improve the micro-climate, enhance the shopping street vibrancy and bring about more visual relief for the busy shopping street environment in the district.