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Pak Tai Street / San Shan Road Project (Downtown 38)

30-40A Pak Tai Street, Ma Tau Kok
About 1,277 square meters
Affected buildings
12 street numbers of buildings
Affected population
About 296
Affected property interests
Affected households
About 150
Pak Tai Street / San Shan Road Project (Downtown 38)
Pak Tai Street / San Shan Road Project (Downtown 38)

Project Development Information

Total GFA About 9,782 square meters
Residential Flats About 228
Commercial GFA About 1,630 square meters

Project Status

Project announced in March 2011.

Joint development contract awarded in July 2015. 

Project completed in 2020.

More Information

The Pai Tai Street project is implemented in accordance with the "Urban Renewal Strategy" ("URS") (2011) which includes the flat-for-flat option to be offered as an alternative option to cash compensation to the domestic owner-occupiers. 

They can consider taking cash compensation or using it to buy a new flat-for-flat in-situ in the new development or in the same district or in the Kai Tak development.