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Shing Tak Street / Ma Tau Chung Road Development Project (CBS-1: KC)

Nos. 51 – 77 Ma Tau Chung Road (odd nos.), Nos. 12 – 34 Shing Tak Street (even nos.), Nos. 2 – 4A Ma Tau Kok Road (even nos.)
About 5,164 sq.m. (subject to site survey)
Affected buildings
30 street no. of buildings
Affected population
About 540 persons
Affected households
About 154 households
Affected Civil Servants’ Co-operative Building Society (CBS)
9 CBSs

Project Development Information

Total GFA About 38,692 sq.m.
Residential GFA About 32,243 sq.m.
Non-Domestic GFA About 6,449 sq.m.

Project Status

Project commencement was gazetted on 22 May 2020.

The Secretary for Development (SDEV) has considered the project and the related information and authorized the URA to proceed with the project without any amendment on 3 February 2021.  The SDEV’s decision was first published in the Gazette on 11 February 2021.

The appeal period for the Project is from 11 February 2021 till 13 March 2021.  The URA will only issue acquisition offers to owners when there are no notices of appeal filed within the appeal period, or after the dismissal of all appeal(s), if any.  After acquiring the properties concerned, the URA will also offer ex-gratia allowance or provide rehousing arrangement to eligible domestic tenants concerned.

Project Programme

Project commenced in May 2020.


Targeted completion by 2029/2030.

Proposed Redevelopment

In response to the Policy Address 2018 and 2019 (PAs) by the Chief Executive, the URA is invited to identify one or two clusters of Civil Servants’ Co-operative Building Society (CBS) Scheme sites suitable for high-density development as pilot sites, and explore the redevelopment mode in accordance with the usual project implementation approach adopted by the URA.  The Project aims to fulfill the objectives of the PAs, to increase housing supply by full utilisation of the development potential of the cluster of CBS sites. 

The proposed development of the Project will comprise residential use, with commercial / retail uses on the podium of the buildings. 

Subject to detailed design, the Project will provide ground floor setback and pavement widening, to provide solution space for existing bus and minibus queuing, enhance the connectivity of the Project and the surrounding area, and create a better walking environment.

Through proactive response to the PAs as well as the overall urban renewal works in this area, it is anticipated that the local urban environment and residents will be benefited from a more coordinated restructuring resulting in a more walkable neighbourhood with quality street environment.